My Letter to a White boi #533

I’ve got your bitch, white boi!  Yeah, she’s your wife, but she ain’t nothing of that when she’s with me.  When she’s with me, she’s my bitch. She’s my fuck-toy.  Ain’t nothing else matters to me none.

Don‘t get mad, white boi.  Your ass knew what the game was before you bothered to play.  You knew that once you gave your woman to me, that she wasn’t going to go back being the typical housewife you always thought her to be.  Nothing of the sort is happening here, white boi.  On here, my dick is all the bitch knows. 

Your bitch knows well enough who owns her, and guess what, it ain’t you!  When she’s with me, she don’t ever make out like she’s your wife.  Sure, she still wears her wedding ring, but that don’t mean shit to me.  Your bitch knows that when she’s  her Black Master, her foremost duty is to serve and please the fuck out of me.  

Don‘t matter what hour of the day, or whether you’d be bothered about when next she’s coming back home.  And that’s another thing I need to talk with your white boi ass: don’t be calling my crib too much asking me when I’m sending your wife home to you.  As long as the bitch is here with me, she’s doing nothing but studying for black dick.  

You hear that, white boi?  That’s black motherfucking dick!  It goes in three separate places in your bitch: her mouth, her cunt, and her fucking tight asshole.  I’ll let you guess which hole’s my fucking favorite next time I ship her off to you.  Until then, stay off the fucking phone, you hear?

I know you’re anxious for your woman, white boi.  You want to know how far gone she is from you, whether she’s gonna remember anything about her time spent you with by the time I get done with her.  I’ve got both good and bad news for that, white boi.  The good news is of course, she’s gonna remember you.  She’s your fucking wife, remember?  Ain’t shit changed on that aspect.  But the bad is that everything you thought you knew about the bitch is gonna turn to nought.  Don’t be expecting the same woman you left with me, is what I’m saying.

The fact of the matter is you’ve been holding your bitch back all these years.  You filled her head with all that nonsense about her being a terrific housewife to you and the kids, saying she’s your backbone (boy, did I get a light outta that when she mentioned it to me), and without her, you don’t think you’d find life worth living.  Ain’t that such a cute thing only a wimp would say about his woman.  

You’ve been selling a lot of bullshit to your woman all this time, keeping her from becoming the true slut that she wants to be.  The real whore that’s inside her that you’ve been keeping under wraps.  You thought you was gonna get away with it all this time.  Well, I’ve got news for you, sissy.  The cat’s now out of the bag, and ain’t no way it’s going back inside no more.

Get upset all you want, but if you knew what I know, you’d be thanking me for a job well done, boi.  I promised remarking your woman into what she craves to be, and the results are in.  She can’t stay away from wanting my dick now.  You should be here to see her for yourself; don’t worry, in time you will.  


Master Shango.


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