Where My Husband Sleeps


My husband sleeps on the floor beside the bed whenever my lover comes over to spend the night.  He either sleeps on the floor, or he gets to have the guest bedroom to himself.  

Whichever one he prefers is fine with me, as long as he knows he won’t get to occupy the bed with us.

Jeffery didn’t always like it, but as he loves watching me and my lover fuck, he knows he has no choice.  It’s his only means of getting to see how well my lover pleasures me in the bedroom.  Jeffery has to abide by our rules or he would only listen in on us from outside.  Not a reasonable option, which is why he much prefers the floor.

Ricky, my lover, gets a kick out of humiliating Jeffery whenever he can.  He is always the real man in our home; Jeffery is always an obedient puppy when Ricky drops by, and would do anything Ricky asks, as long as we don’t stop him from watching us fuck.  Jeffery is quick to get Ricky a beer from the fridge whenever he wants one.  Ricky doesn’t ever fuck me with a condom, and he much prefers cumming inside my pussy so that Jeffery can lick me clean when we’re done.

Jeffery loves sucking and cleaning Ricky’s cock, too.  But he has to beg Ricky for it.  Sometimes, Ricky gets to taunt him and slaps his cheek with his prick.  Jeffery has no choice but to take the punishment, knowing that he would get to suck Ricky’s cock later, but only after I’m done with him. 

I have a large butt, and Ricky loves fucking it.  He loves fucking me doggy-style or letting me ride him.  I much prefer riding him, that way he gets to slap my butt and spur me to riding him faster and harder.  Either that or when he gets on top of me, then I feel his cock ramming deep inside my cunt.  His cock is like a spear the way he gets to stabbing my womb with it, making me cum faster.  I tend to lock my legs over his back and try talking to him, telling him how much I love him and want his cock.  I let him know how bad I’ve been wanting his cock inside me, and that I can’t wait for him to cum. 

Jeffery and I have talked regularly about me getting pregnant.  Only recently did he agree that he would love it if Ricky gets to be the one who knocks me up.  Ricky, too, won’t mind doing it.  But he wants to have as much pleasurable fun with me before that time comes.  He doesn’t want to rush the moment, and I agree with him. 

He has talked about inviting some of his friends over to come and fuck me, though he would tell them to cum over my face instead.  I’m ecstatic for the idea as is Jeffery, too.  At least he would get to suck some more black cocks when that day comes.  My birthday is coming around soon, and it’s on that night that Ricky wants to make it happen.

I’m sure to keep you informed of things.


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